LD12 360™

A comprehensive stakeholder-driven evaluation of leadership skills
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Get The Full Leadership Picture

Take talent evaluation to the next level with the LD12 360 – a powerful tool that focuses on assessing leadership effectiveness from every angle. Combine self-assessment with crucial insights from direct reports, peers, and managers to get an individual’s complete leadership picture.

Unparalleled Insight

Get a robust, actionable snapshot of leadership effectiveness and potential
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Unbiased Input

Solicit anonymous evaluation and feedback to uncover honest, unbiased perspectives
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See LD12 360 in action

From executive and leadership assessment to succession planning, learn how our solution can help you identify and nurture leaders ready to make a difference.
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Mind The Gaps

Identify and address critical gaps between self-perception and stakeholder perception
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More Relevant Performance Reviews

Enhance the effectiveness and scope of annual performance reviews
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