Leadership Analytics Platform (LAP)™

The single source of truth for your leadership pipeline
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A New Way To Manage Your Leadership Pipeline

Our Leadership Analytics Platform helps you understand the type of skills leaders at your organization need now, and the type of skills those leaders will need in the future. Equipped with this data, you can build a robust pipeline of effective leaders ready to help your organization navigate change and shape a better future.

The Data You Need, When And Where You Need It

Manage talent, mine insights, and grow your leadership pipeline through a single, easy-to-use platform.

No other talent management system combines leadership assessment, success profiles, and succession planning data in a single environment.
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Focus On The Future

Organize and track succession plans across the company
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Know Your Leaders

Create data-driven talent pools to compare and contrast leaders
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Synchronize, simplify, and streamline with LAP

We're ready to show you how easy building and managing your leadership pipeline can truly be.
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Data-driven Insight

Use LAP insights to make informed decisions in talent review meetings
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See What Matters

Easily filter and access assessment data–it's right there at your fingertips
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HRIS Integration

Integrate LAP with your HR system of choice, so you can work smarter
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