Leadership Genome™

Uncover unique traits that define leadership success in your organization and decode your company’s leadership DNA
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Your Unique Leadership Blueprint

Organizations need different types of leaders depending on their strategy, culture, and goals. Leadership Genome is a cutting-edge, data-driven process that uncovers the leadership skills critical for success in a given role, leadership level, or across your organization.

Your Talent Management Superpower

From talent selection to high-potential identification and succession planning, the Leadership Genome helps ensure the leadership skills your organization needs are front and center at every critical decision point
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Uniquely Yours

Genome is customized to your organization’s leadership culture
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Flexible Use Cases

Scalable to a role, team, or entire company – you're in the driver's seat
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Ready to see Leadership Genome in action?

Let us help you identify the critical skills needed for leadership success in every area of your organization.
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Find The Best Fit

Our Genome Congruency feature automatically calculates degree of fit for any leader being compared to the Genome
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Save Time And Money

Genomes can be completed in a fraction of the time and with 90% less investment than a traditional consulting process
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