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We're laser-focused on leadership assessment and management
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Leadership Assessment That Works The Way You Do

Times have changed, but talent assessment just hasn’t kept up with the way business works today. Our mission at AIIR Analytics is to fix that. AIIR Analytics is data-powered leadership assessment and management for the 21st century. That means our tools are flexible, scalable, intuitive, and intelligent – to match the way your organization needs to operate for success.
Daring to be different

What sets us apart

Leadership Focus

Our focus is exclusively on evaluating and measuring leadership skills and supporting leadership planning – no matter the industry or business unit
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Intuitive Pipeline Management

Everything you need to manage your leadership pipeline from recruiting to succession planning lives in a single, easy-to-use platform
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Accessible Assessment

Our assessments are self-administered, written in plain language, and straightforward to interpret
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Data To Drive Decisions

We give you the holistic talent data you need to make effective, future-focused decisions that drive your business forward
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Simplify and streamline your talent management

Let AIIR Analytics help you identify and nurture the leaders you need today and  tomorrow.
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